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Welcome to Windy Rock Farm

  A piece of our dream ...

Look back at man's struggle for freedom.
Trace our present day's strength to its source,
And you'll find that man's pathway to glory
Is strewn with the bones of a horse.  -- Unknown

Welcome to Windy Rock Farm where we breed, raise and train American Quarter Horses. We are Rick, Sue, Jake and Emma van Maanen and we live on a small hobby farm of 43 acres just 30 minutes north of London, Ontario.

Growing up in the country, Rick always dreamed of having his own farm and raising horses. Buying this property, that overlooks miles and miles of open spaces and farmland, was a dream come true for both of us. With a career as an elementary school principal during the day, Rick is lucky that he has his evenings and summers to engage in his passion for horses.

Spring and summer are especially busy with riding and training. Rick has been fortunate to work with some very experienced horse people who have passed on their wisdom and knowledge about riding, training and general horsemanship. We continue to have a trainer who comes out to the farm to work with Rick and the horses on non-confrontational, non-violent training that concentrates on developing a partnership between the horse and rider. Spring is also a busy time on the farm because it is breeding season and we welcome outside mares to our farm to be bred with our Blue Roan stallion, Blue Jack McKeag.

Quarter Horses are intelligent, well mannered horses with easy going personalities and good confirmation. They are known for being excellent companions for pleasure, work and competition. All of our horses are registered with the American Quarter Horse Association and the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association.

Whether you are: considering buying a horse for the first time, an experienced horseperson, or reentering the horse world, we know owning and having a relationship with a quarter horse will bring you many years of happiness, joy and companionship.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you.